emmz2k (emmz2k) wrote in burt0nisgenius,

Hi, my name is emma
I'm 16 years old.
I live in northern ireland

Favorite Tim Burton Movie(s): gotta be edward scissorhands or nightmare before christmas
Favorite Non-Burton Movie(s): romeo and juliet, trainspotting
Favorite Bands: snowpatrol, maroon 5
Favorite TV Shows: my wife and kids, one on one
Favorite Food: i dunno maybe vegtables

5 Random Likes:
1. my friends
2. makin movies
3. drumming
4. music
5. food

5 Random Dislikes:
1. injections
2. george bush
3. death
4. unrequited love
5. homophobic ppl

Opinion On...
Drugs/Alcohol: i dont mind if people do drugs or drink alcohol its their own choice, some of my best mates r druggies and i still love them
Cutting/Self-Harm: feel sorry for people that do, never done it myself tho
Suicide: its too easy, death is scary and it fucks with everyone elses minds
George W. Bush: i dont like him
Gay Marriage: totally for it, i did this talk at school why gay people should be allowed to get married and now everyone thinks im gay. mature yeah

Name one thing you could never live without and why: my friends because i rely on other ppl to make me happy

No more than 4.

emmz.jpg remember not to judge ppl by their looks or their spelling sorry

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because you're within the first fifteen people to apply, you're automatically accepted.

but if i would really have to vote, i would say yes, because you and i seem fairly similar.

anyway, welcome.

once i make banners for the community, you'll be able to promote it.
thanks :D no one ever accepts me lol