stripes_r_me (stripes_r_me) wrote in burt0nisgenius,

Hi, my name is ___kate_______.
I'm _14__ years old.
I live in ____FL_________.

Favorite Tim Burton Movie(s): nightmare before christmas
Favorite Non-Burton Movie(s): stuck on you
Favorite Bands: underoath
Favorite TV Shows: real world
Favorite Food: lolly pops

5 Random Likes:
1. music
2. people
3. computer
4. stupid stuff
5. funny stuff

5 Random Dislikes:
1. wiggers
2. techno
3. birds
4. quietness
5. liars

Oppinion On...
Drugs/Alcohol: i dont care, awesome
Cutting/Self-Harm: effing retards
Suicide: dont do that
George W. Bush: impeach him?
Gay Marriage: dont care leave them alone

Name one thing you could never live without and why:
music cause it keeps me entertained when life is stupid. and boring.
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